Building Location Aware Applications using Redis

Overview Attendees to the Building Location Aware Applications using Redis workshop will develop a location-aware client-server application that indexes the location of Bike sharing stations in the US and Europe. The primary focus of the workshop will be on using the geospatial indexing functions of Redis to build location aware functionality into mobile and web applications. As part of the workshop, attendees will learn to parse a web feed of bike share data, store and index that data in Redis, map the data using Google Maps, and build a simple API for answering geographic proximity queries. Agenda The workshop take a hands-on approach to learning the material by building a sample application in Python to parse and load a public feed of bike share information into Redis, then build an API to query that data to build a sharing and locating application. The main topics covered in the workshop are: * Introduction to Redis Geospatial Indexing * GBSF Feed Format * Parsing GBSF feed and storing in Redis * Mapping geographic data from Redis using KML file * Querying Redis geographic data * Building an API to access Redis geographic data Time will be allocated to understanding how to build a JSON feed parser as well as some the issues (technical, legal, and being a good citizen) of using a public data feed, as well as how to serve up the queries. Requirements: This workshop is intended primarily for beginner or intermediate programmers interested in learning how to build a location-aware application. Instruction and support materials will be provided in Python. Attendees are welcome to use any language/system of their choice but limited assistance will be available. Attendees should be comfortable with setting up a multiple file development project and familiar with the basics of client-server programming. Attendees should also be familiar with the basics of pulling and running Docker containers. Attendees should bring a laptop with the following software installed: * Text Editor or IDE of their choice * Python 3.6.0 (or later) interpreter * Docker Community Edition (support materials will be provided as a container)

Tague Griffith

Head of Developer Advocacy (Redis Labs)
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