Janine Yoong

VP Business Development (Mapillary)
Janine Yoong is the VP of Business Development at Mapillary. At Mapillary, Janine works with mapping and navigation platforms, government agencies, geospatial service providers, NGOs, and location-based apps to get the most out of street-level imagery. Prior to Mapillary, Janine led business development efforts at tech startups focused on live video streaming and hardware manufacturing, scaling the businesses towards two successful exits. Before her startup career, Janine worked at Google and Yahoo on local advertising partnerships.

Conflating Columbus and Cheng Ho: Computer Vision Drives Collaboration in the New Age of Mapping

As we reach new heights in automation and AI in mapping, the human stories behind maps keep us grounded and true to the spirit of the first explorers. In today's world, we temper the competitive nature of mapping by acknowledging that no single player can map the world -- we instead harness technology to do it together. This talk walks through real world examples of how computer vision and human collaboration creates better maps.
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